Story Teller


The biggest part of this gal’s personal journey was to let go of matters that had no use in my head any longer. Letting go and forgiving was part of the process. Oh pride snuck in there and refused for a while but that served no purpose. All I was doing was prolonging it. I was face to face with my mom who because of her past in a residential school was not a nurturer. But my assumptions were that this lady who went through so much as a child did not love me but I know now she does. At that time I confronted her and accused her of all the hurtful things that had been done to me. She of course denied any wrong doing. I came home and in that moment that it was never going to work that way to blame so I sat down and forgave her…out loud. To the universe I proclaimed how the hurt had affected me in my growing years but you know it made me stronger person for that. I forgave my mom for something that was not in her control. That day in that moment something shifted. I felt lighter. I had let go.

From that day forward I am more understanding and open. Being respectful of the other person and thinking where are they coming from in there issues and mine of course. Always being mindful and very present, because for this girl this works for me. Oh and standing  up for one’s self, that surely helps. No confrontation but standing up for your values and morals, your code of ethics.

Blessings All~

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