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Clouds in my coffee…

As a child many afternoons were spent daydreaming and laying on the green grass watching the clouds pass. My best friend and I would capture clouds instantly and shout, “There is a turtle!” or “Look a clown!” or I remember a happy face float by. I still look in the sky and capture the clouds now with my camera. This posted image reminds me of my cat who passed away in 2008 after being with me for 14 years. I loved him so even though at times he could be a brat. My Auntie has said that the clouds that are shapes that we can discern as visions. Pretty cool when you can catch it!

Blessings All!

2 thoughts on “Clouds in my coffee…”

  1. As my Auntie who is an elder says that the clouds are visions/signs and yes the people who come through are visits. Love the randomness of it all~


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